New Book!

Irene Lee Come Dance With Me

We return to Moore Farm to meet new character Irene Lee, a small bunny with an injured foot. With the help of her friends, she discovers love and acceptance and learns how inclusion and kindness go hand in hand.

Life Lessons about Kindness and Compassion


A native of North Florida, Carol Hair Moore shows her love of animals and experience of living on a farm throughout her series, I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake. Her passion is to educate young children on what it means to be compassionate and kind.



A native of Tallahassee, Florida, Michael Harrell is a talented illustrator and artist whose paintings have been featured in the United States and abroad. His illustrations in the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series beautifully encompass North Florida and its wildlife.


Books in the Series

Learn more about the great characters and stories in the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series. Carol Hair Moore’s philosophy is to encourage children to be loving, honest, kind and to treat others with compassion.



Carol Hair Moore loves making appearances in the North Florida community. She cherishes the moments she spends at the library reading to children and wearing her favorite costumes! All the books in her first series, I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake, reside at the Governor’s Mansion where she is a guest reader to visiting children.


Meet Our Friends in North Florida

Each book in the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series focuses on native animals found within the North Florida region of St. Teresa Beach, Moore Farm, and the Apalachicola National Forest. These locations and animals offer children a familiar story that takes place in their backyards, and for those who don’t live in the area, a chance to share a story in a new place. Meet our North Florida friends!


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