Marvin the Magnificent Nubian Goat

In the first book of the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series, Marvin struggles with his identity on Moore Farm. Only five days old, and being the only goat on the farm, he tries acting as a cow, a kitty, a chicken and a peacock to figure out what he is. After looking at his reflection and a visit from a neighboring goat, he realizes that he is a Nubian goat. Carol Hair Moore’s story teaches that there is nothing better than just being yourself.


Busy Bumble Bee Rides the Waves

The second book of the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series takes place in the Isle of St. James at St. Teresa Beach, Florida. The Busy Bumble Bee is flying around Nana Carol’s garden, but gets lost. His friends, Mr. Octopus, Mr. Scallop, and Mr. Redfish, help him find Mr. Loggerhead Turtle who ultimately gets him back to his family. This story teaches children about endangered species, like the loggerhead turtle, and what it means to be a good friend.


Ruby Kate’s Scrumptious Tea Cake Party

The third book of the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series teaches children how to show appreciation for your friends who give back to the community. Ruby Kate, a Florida black bear residing in St. James, Florida, plans a tea party for her neighbors Frank the Gopher Tortoise, Katherine the Eastern Indigo Snake and Franny the Florida Scrub Jay Bird. Ruby Kate makes scrumptious tea cakes that readers can recreate with a recipe from a local Tallahassee bakery at the back of the book.


Papa Mole’s Secrets of Happiness

The fourth book of the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series takes place in the Apalachicola National Forest as Marvin the Magnificent Nubian Goat and Busy Bumble Bee move to the forest to reside with their friends. From Ruby Kate’s home, they travel to the deep ends of the forest to visit Papa Mole who holds the secrets of happiness. Along the way, they help a baby bird get back to her nest, a homeless bunny rabbit find a home, and gathered flowers for Papa Mole. He tells them that happiness is exactly what they did; assist those who are hurt, think of others and treat others with kindness.


Friends Who Sparkle Like the Stars

The newest book in the I Wish You Ice Cream and Cake series takes place in Moore Farm with CoCo the Maltipoo dog, Harry the Himalayan cat and Addie Mae the Black Angus cow. They leave Moore Farm to visit the pond and encounter other animals and colorful scenery. There CoCo discovers that even if you are different, no matter how small or big, being a kind and loving friend is very important and makes others happy.


Irene Lee Come Dance with Me

Irene Lee Come Dance with Me is a story of acceptance, inclusion and love.
Irene Lee, a small wild bunny, lives at lovely Moore Farm with her adoring family. One day Irene Lee slips and permanently injures her foot. When the much-loved farm manager Olie suggests a party at the Red Barn, Irene Lee can’t dance because of her injured foot. So, with kindness and love, Olie and all of Irene Lee’s friends find a way to include Irene Lee at the heart of the celebration.